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Remy Presas

1936 - 2001 Modern Arnis

A true lover of sports, Mr. Remy A Presas is

the man behind Modern Arnis. From the cold tomb

of oblivion, Mr. Presas gave new life and

meaning to the true Filipino martial art called

Arnis. Arnis died with the passage of time as

the incontrovertible onslaught of modern living

and foreign influences blotted out this gem of

the Filipino culture to merely one of the things

of the forgotten past. Truly Arnis died with the

times. If there were any devout practitioners

even worthy of the slightest attention. People

then were so overwhelmed by the appeal of other

foreign martial arts like judo, jujitsu, and

karate, that they would not give a passing look

to their own Arnis. Such then was the sad status

of the martial art of Arnis. But fate has it that Arnis will not forever

stay dead because on December 19, 1936, in the

fishing town of Hinigaran, Negro Occidental, a

boy was born destined to one day reopen the eyes

and hearts of the Filipino martial art lovers to

their own true martial art, arnis, an art which

has its roots sacredly marked since the

beginning of Philippine history itself. This boy

was Remy Amador Presas.

At the tender age of six, while learning his

alphabet and prayers from his mother, Remy was

already learning the fundamentals of kali, as

Arnis was then called, using finely carved

wooden canes shaped like swords or daggers. This

developed in Remy an immense love for sports

which will become and indelible mark of his


In his youth, the fascination of sports in

Remy grew so much as to develop in him the

adventurerís itch. Not content with the bucolic

atmosphere in Hinigaran, at the age of 14 Remy

went to the different cities like Cebu, Panay,

Bohol , and Leyte, where he pursued his athletic

career. In Cebu, he furthered his studied of

Arnis under Rodolfo Moncal, and then under

Timoteo Marranga and Venacio Bacon. All were

Cebuano experts in Arnis, and under them Remy

mastered Arnis and the deadly ;Balintawak style

of stick fencing. Remyís association with Arnis

experts and other renowned athletes in the

different parts of the country sharpened his

ability in sports.

The popularity of Arnis even transcends

Philippine shores that in 1970 Remy was asked to

go to Japan and before Itago Police Academy he

introduce Arnis. So intrigued and fascinated

were the Japanese Police authorities of the art

that they exclaimed in admiration of its





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