Fred Villari's

Five Animals:

Tiger                 Leopard                     Crane                   Snake                      Dragon

Use what works
"Train like you fight, for you fight like you train."

Bio and history on the 7 dragons

Joan Richert is an 9th Degree blackbelt

Has been studying martial arts since 1974. She was the first woman to be promoted to Master level in Shaolin Kempo under Grand Master Fredrick J. Villari and is honored to be able to represent the Villari system. She is one of the top ranked Masters in Shaolin Kempo and one of the highest ranked Masters in the world. She teaches seminars around the United States and has students ranking from White Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt. Master Richert recieved her degree in Exercise Science at Ball State University. She recieved certification as an Exercise Fitness Instructor by The American College of Sports Medicine. Richert has background training in Jujitsu, Aikido and Arnis. She loves to teach both kids and adults and has taught thousands of people Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu and self defense.


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