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Fred Villari's reviews for Lake Forest, CA

Instructor Robert Bombalier


AKA Villari's Martial Arts Center



I took some lessons at this place and the instructor Bob kept touching my hips and legs and chest and so on and then he asked me out, ya he has a wife and kid what a creep I ended up doing a search on him and he has a rap sheet too, so I left for good.

Mary G.

Words can not describe how unprofessional, unethical and down right rude these people who run this business are.  I had my kids in classes for 2 months then I sat in on a few classes and realized that they learned nothing in class all they did was run around screaming and yelling with almost no supervision so I took them out of the school.

A month later I see that they are running my credit card through and charging my account, I called and they said it was a mistake they would take care of it but they never did.

I go to the studio to talk to them and they are incredibly unprofessional and condescending.  After explaining my situation he still continues to refuse to refund my account.  I remind him that I actually spoke to HIM about my kids leaving and he said it was nice having my kids in class.  

They refused to accept any responsibility.  


 Lisa B.

I love Villari's. I have been taking classes there for 3 months and it's been great. I always wanted to try martial arts, but was too nervous about being a grown up, and a girl, and having no idea what I was doing. It's a great environment and my only regret is not signing up sooner!






Jerry F.

One of the worst experiences I had. This place is very unprofessional, very unethical, and doesn't know the meaning of the word " respect." They treated me really bad just for the fact I wasn't learning as fast as they wanted me to and making fun of it to, I could go on and on. But I'll let life do it's job, what goes around comes around. I'm so glad that I am done with this place.


Fred Villari's




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