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People have been asking so I'm doing my best to answer



Here are a few questions I have been getting.

 Q = Question and A = Answers

 Q: Did Bob Bombalier get his training straight from Master Villari?

 A: No he received his training from Matt Fiorenzo at the El Toro School, then Robert Pearlswig at the Mission Viejo 1 school then he hasnít had any instructor since he gets a lesson here and there when he sees Mr. Villari thatís about twice a year if heís lucky.

Q: Who is that big over weight 3rd degree  Black Belt girl that thinks she owns the Dojo in Glendale? How can some one so big be a black belt?

A: That's Michelle Fanara, Its a shame that there are people her size in the Villari system claiming to be Black Belts. It really brings the system down.

 Q: Has Bob Bombalier ever competed professionally?

 A: No he did not, his sparring was never at the level to do so, his students use to beat him so Robert Pearlswig advised him against it.

 Q: I read that Bob was the youngest person to ever achieve a Black Belt by Mr. Villari

 A: Thatís not true he was in his early 20s when he received his Black Belt, there are kids at the age of 14 that have received there Black Belts way before and after Bobs ranking.

Q: Who runs the Fred Villari Facebook

A: Bob Bombalier runs the facebook page and he pretends to be Mr. Villari. If you are trying to put a picture or a page up that has anything to do with Mr.Villari he will do his best to shut it down.

 Q: Is it true that Robert Bombalier  was arrested?

 A: Yes Robert  Bombalier was arrested numerous times he claims its some guy with the same name that lives in Florida but all the crimes were committed in California and the crimes have his name even his middle name and date of birth that match him completely. Actually the liquor store he robbed was 2 doors down from his old Dojo.


Q: Where is Master Pearlswig?

A: He has his own schools in Oregon named                                    


Q: What ever happen to Nick Cerio?

A: He passed on October 7, 1998 in Warwick, RI.

Q: What happen to Bill Mailman?

A: Bill Mailman is still in Long Beach he has about 5 schools

Q: Was Charles Mattera ever under Fred Villari?

A: They were partners at first they formed United studios of self defense later changed it to Fred Villari Studios then they had a falling out and Charlie took the old name back United Studios.

Q: How many names does Fred Villari's schools have?

A: Lets see ill do my best here

United Studios of Self Defense

Fred Villari's Studios of Self Defense

Villari's Self Defense Centers

International Self Defense Centers

Villari's Wellness Centers


Villari's of ( what ever the city is)

Villari's Martial Art Studios

Villari's family centers

Villari's Self Defense and Wellness

That all I know but there are probably more

Q: Does Mr. Fred Villari hold a Guinness record for the most punches ever thrown in a minute?

A: I have looked everywhere and I cant find it and neither has anyone else I have spoken too. But for the record I have punched in for him and he is a good scrapper. 

Q: Where does Mr. Fred Villari Live?

A: He lives in Wes Palm Beach Florida

Q: Where is Kirk Newbury?

A: I really don't know sorry.

Q: What ever happen to Freddy Villari?

A: He's a Lawyer married with children.

Q: Do Fred Villari and Charlie Mattera still talk?

A: I think so but I am not sure.


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