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Master David Leggeri 9th degree

 Has been training in the martial arts since the late 1960's. He became  interested in the martial arts while serving in the army in Vietnam. After returning to the States in 1969, he met Grandmaster Fred Villari and began studying the system of Shaolin Kempo Karate that the Grandmaster had developed. In 1976, Master Leggeri received his black belt and began teaching at a Fred Villari school located in Porter Square, Cambridge. In 1984 the school moved from that location to its present location in Somerville. Master Leggeri has trained many martial arts champions throughout the years.  Upon the induction of Grandmaster Villari into the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2006 Master Leggeri was named one of the " Seven Dragons" of the Villari system.  The "Seven Dragons" are the formost authority of Grandmaster Villari's four ways of fighting. 


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