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8th Degree Master Robert (Bob) Bombalier

Robert (Bob) Bombalier started taking kempo karate at the El Toro dojo at the time it was instructed by Matt Fiorenzo a 2nd degree Black belt.  Robert (Bob) Bombalier was there for about 2 years received his black belt and then Charles Mattera took the dojo over with several other dojos. Robert (Bob) Bombalier was placed in his own school in Mission Viejo, (Mission Viejo 2 school off of Trabuco rd), Robert (Bob) Bombalier wanted to join Charles Mattera United Studios at the time but Charlie didnít want him so at a black belt work out Charlie had him beat up by Glen Small another instructor at the time, Robert (Bob) Bombalier begged Charlie to take him but Charlie didnít want anyone like him running his schools. Robert (Bob) Bombalier at the time was involved with married mothers of the students on a personal and sexual level and Robert (Bob) Bombalier is also a major butt kisser, if you know him, then you know what Iím talking about and Charlie didnít like that, yep even Charlie thought it was sick imagine thatÖFred Villari took Robert (Bob) Bombalier back on a probation bases because at the time Charlie took almost every school in California at the split and Fred Villari needed everyone he could get his hands on and as we all know Fred Villari  loves butt kissers. Robert (Bob) Bombalier later on left the system and went under the name Martial arts health and fitness center after trying to go with Charlie again but Charlie declined him.  That lasted about 6 months then Robert (Bob) Bombalier came back crawling to Mr. Fred Villari.



Robert (Bob) Bombalier This school lasted about 6 months then he closed it down and Fred Villari took him back..

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